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Fabelwork for Hive club Zurich

Fabelwork for Rick Owens

Fabelwork for DJ HELL

Fabelwork for UND ( collab. phormazero)










Didn't we love our Kiddy tapes with their added books to give this imaginary twist to get one more involved... 

I like to work with simple rays that don‘t fill minds with questioning days. Boring to see how a thing is meant to be, instead of giving space to imaginary. Intellectuality will not be shown, as storytelling is what made us grown. Nice it was, to be a child were fantasy simply created you’re path. How important this has been and we tend to produce forgetting what we have seen.  We're all obligated to make believe, that we are smarter than what our neighbour has achieved. As we believe that going quick, with not missing a latest trick, with following the sheepy flow, you will be the smartest guy and oh how you will grow. We mix up what values are, thinking often way too far. It’s not the complicated mind that makes people want to love your kind. It is about the simplicity and the laugh what makes people want to change their thought.

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